August 15, 2015
An Experiment in Upscale Student Housing

When Ashcroft Homes first acquired former Ottawa Humane Society land at 101 Champagne Avenue South, the intention had been to construct condos on the edge of Little Italy. Plans changed in late 2012 and the focus has shifted to students.

The idea of private student housing student housing is relatively new in the Ottawa-area. Though not within walking distance of either University, the building will provide an innovative and upscale option for students who are not interested in living on campus. Once complete, the building will be maintained by a professional management arrangement which will oversee day-to-day activities, security, and building well-being.

The 28-storey, 156 unit building, designed by Chmiel Architects in Ottawa, will address demands from both Carleton University and the University of Ottawa to provide housing for growing student populations. Though geared towards students with a more mature lifestyle, certain considerations will be carefully reflected within the design – for example, the building will not include balconies (to reduce potential noise issues) – in order to preserve its place within the established Preston-adjacent neighbourhood.