January 6, 2016
Small Projects can Have a Big Impact

Relationship building is important, no matter the industry. Getting to know people beyond reputation can go a long way towards building your business and defining the contributions you can make to your community. This notion is true for architects and their clients too.

Building a relationship with a developer means that the architect comes to understand their vision and can work within limitations and expectations as though a constant part of the team.  It also means that every project – every venture undertaken between architects and their clients – contributes to the overall relationship. Every project, no matter its scope or reach, contributes to building the strength and trust of the relationship, resulting in substantial and proficient changes to the community streetscape.

Chmiel Architects is redesigning the front entrance at 220 Laurier Avenue West in Ottawa, in order to enhance the building’s presence and curb appeal. The building, originally designed and constructed in the 1970s, will receive a rejuvenation in keeping with current urban design trends, to provide a better and more esthetically pleasing street-level experience.

The design will provide improved lighting, utilizing energy efficient LED fixtures within a lit soffit and for all exterior lighting fixtures.  Existing columns will be updated and wrapped in granite and aluminum and a new steel and glass canopy will enrich and expose the space.

When it comes to establishing that familiarity and trust, projects as noteworthy as multi-use high rise buildings hold the same weight as smaller projects that will impact passersby on a daily basis.